Cancellation & Refund

Returns Policy

This policy forms a part and parcel of your terms of use of this website and you are bound by these. is a website operated in Mumbai and selling Accessories which includes fragile & non-fragile products.

Hence, as a policy, we do not accept returns, for all products. Exception here are cases where you receive damaged, broken, different, crushed consignments. In such cases, you may return the consignment, provided you by reaching to us by email or post on our Facebook page when such consignments reach you.

Cancellation Policy

You are aware that once you place an order, our team process your orders, so do our shipment team gets the notified for the same, the schedule get allotted by the courier provider to us. Hence, as a policy, orders once placed can only be cancelled before dispatching. We may, at our sole discretion, consider postponement of your order, provided we get your update soon enough and operationally we are in a position to do so.

Replacement Policy

We are committed to give you the best and complete returns for your every rupee.

We are here for the long term and sustainable relationships. We were founded 3 years back, and have been going strong. Hence, we provide replacement for products. YES, WE GIVE FREE REPLACEMENT. Hence, we offer replacement in two very specific cases, subject to specific conditions. They are as follows.

We will offer you replacement in two cases.

Damaged Products: Though in rare cases, but at times, the courier travel may damage the products by the time they reach you. In such a case, the box used to send the fruits to you will be damaged too. If you encounter such a box, we will offer you replacement for such products, provided you inform us via reaching us within 6 hours of receiving such consignments, and send us pictures of the damaged products and box within 12 hours of receiving such consignments.

Different Products: If any how you received different than the one you ordered, we’ll replace the different with what you’ve ordered.

Refunds Policy

In the event we are not able to provide you a replacement, for reasons including but not limited, not enough production, lack of service of courier, etc, we will issue you refunds for the amount you have paid us.

Wherever possible, the refund will be given to the same payment source where the payment was made from. If that is not possible, a refund will be issued to a bank account, the details of which will be asked from the email id which was used to place the order. The refunds will be remitted to your accounts 7-15 days.  


You are aware that the product that we send to you are sent by third party courier companies and they are the best in their work. When we dispatch products to you, they go out of our control. You understand that they should reach you as soon as possible for them to remain their best. We send you a ‘shipped’ update to as soon as they are taken over by the courier company and it is your responsibility to ensure that you or someone will be there at the given address to receive the package. This replacement and refunds will not hold good in the case that they have reached your city, but the delivery to you is delayed because you were unavailable, did not answer the call, or requested a later date for delivery.

Hence, we will not be liable to give any replacement or refund in such a case when the status checks with the courier company shows that later delivery was requested. We are not liable for any requests for refunds and replacements.